Walking the Abandoned Railway of Colombia. Villeta - Alban

The Abandoned Railway of Colombia has been the source of unrelenting curiosity since my arrival in Colombia. Even during previous visits spanning over a decade, I have always wondered where the train tracks that I had been seeing dotted all across this Andean landscape led to.

It turns out that this story and the scenery it passed were even more mysterious than I had first thought. The tracks and it some parts have diapered. Telltale signs of the path once forged can in some cases be spotted by the monumental affliction inflicted upon the natural landscape. How did this network of a romantic path come to be intertwined within the Andes mountains? How could this feat of beautiful and seemingly delicate engineering withstand the monumental upheaval that this country would see in the fight for Independence and the subsequent fight to keep the country and it's people free? Only a few of these answers could be enlightened by actually walking the abandoned railway of Colombia. But what …

Top Expat Hacks to Survive Colombia

I'm gonna try to keep these Expat Hacks short and sweet. You might be an expat, perhaps even a wannabe expat, I don't know. What I am gonna tell ya here is that there's an easy way to get by in this new land with different people, and a hard way.

I could blow smoke up your arse and explain about the '5 best ways to eat avocado in Colombia'. Or 'how to dance Salsa like a Caleño in 5 days'. 'How not to be a gringo in 5 steps', or any of the many '5 different ways to do 5 hundred different things'. But let's keep these Expat Hacks here short and sweet.

These are my top Expat Hacks on surviving Colombia with your wellbeing and peace of mind fully intact. Don't scoff at them. If you're full of yourself and think you know better, let me know in the comments section and I might just include them in the list here too.

The Colombian Cemetery on Halloween

Well, Halloween weekend has passed and the day itself has arrived. From a sleepy Andean town west of Bogotá, I decided to visit one of those places we do not like to think about let alone grace with our presence, a Colombian Cemetery.

Away from the typical Halloween celebrations of costumes and fancy dress that Colombians like to indulge in just as much as their North American counterparts. See my snap video of some fairly outlandish Colombians pretending to be the Muslim Mujahideen.

The Leaked ARTE Film that The Establishment Media Tried to Censor

The recent film by name of Chosen and Excluded – The Hate on Jews in Europe or natively named Auserwählt und Ausgegrenzt – Der Hass auf Juden in Europa by Joachim Schroeder.

It brings to bear antisemitism in the West. The film was commissioned by a channel called ARTE but later refused to air the resulting documentary film as it proves uncomfortable viewing to those with an alter-motive established by the government and mainstream media across Europe but particularly in current Germany.

My Colombia Vlogs - Please Subscribe for a Glimpse of my Colombia

So along with my podcast, I am now taking time out to upload some regular Colombia Vlogs. It's not something I specifically set out to do. But I always have my camera or at least my mobile phone with me so I thought why not show anyone interested what I am seeing and experiencing here in my Colombia Vlogs. This is my channel and would love you to subscribe and comment on any videos that you find interesting. Below is just my channel intro video. I have many other videos too.

I have had my channel for a long time and it wasn't set up to host my Colombia vlogs. It was actually a place for me to share my Japan travel clips for a series of blog posts I wrote on this site. Since then it lay dormant until I found myself experiencing many new things after moving here to Colombia. Despite there being a few other English speaking vloggers here in Colombia, namely Zach, Miguel, and Sam. Although they are great YouTubers, I found that they were not …

The Original Hansel and Gretel Story

Welcome to my world of a time honoured mystery and fright of a tale. At some point in your life, you must have been told or at least heard of Hansel and Gretel's nightmarish ordeal in the great forest.

I myself am a native British and German fluent in both languages. This folktale has come to me orally through my family back in my early life from Europe's Great Forest (the Bohemian forest itself). Furthermore, this tale would have most certainly stemmed from before the Brother's Grimm first released it in the 1800s. The focus of this translation true to my received version of this story is to retell and keep alive this important Germanic cultural tale at a time when preserving German culture is more important now than ever before. It should help in telling this story mainly to non-German speaking people.

I remember being told this story by my mother and grandmother who come themselves from that Great Forest. The story was a quite a scary story but it is one that to this d…

Visiting the Base Naval ARC Bolivar of Colombia

Captain in command of this serving #Colombian #submarine. Was a pleasure to board the #ARCTayrona here at the off limits #BaseNavalARCBolivar in #Cartagena, #Colombia. See my website for a report of the visit. A post shared by Stuart Oswald (@stuartoswald) on Jan 16, 2017 at 11:34am PST My exclusive visit to Colombia's Naval Base called locally as the "Base Naval ARC Bolivar" was a very special occasion for myself. Particularly as I am a huge fan of British naval history it was interesting to compare Britain's sea-might to that of another great country. With links with Britain such as Spain being our common enemy and at other links to British pirates and Buccaneers. Before you ask this visit is not available to the public and I was lucky to have met someone who invited me to the base for a personal tour. It was a huge privilege to witness and be present on a functional active base. I am glad to have taken the following photos and to be able to describe some of whic…