Break Free, how to Deprogram your Mind

I believe all can be saved. Over generations we have seen a sinister cloud come over global civilisations. We now have huge swaths of our populations embroiled in a mass of propaganda that is being dished out to them en mass, turning them into bots, detached and void for sentiments that make them human. I will attempt to offer anyone visiting this page the opportunity to break free by utilising the power of new age technology and networking.

My Love for the Moomins in Moominvalley

Back in 2014, I compiled a rare list of Moomin 1990s Episodes. I even went as far as to share it on peer-to-peer networks with a torrent file. The episodes I ripped from the Stax Entertainment Moomin Series DVDs. I subsequently helped in the online campaign to get the remaining episodes released by Stax Entertainment (which never happened officially). Eventually, the majority of episodes were found across the globe by fans who had episodes taped. All of which I am happy to share freely with anyone here.

Here's a little something to jog your memory, Moomin S01E01 The Moomin Valley in Spring (password: UURg)

Then came the new Moominvalley Series by Gutsy. Beautifully animated although too clean and cutout adding its liberal twists is still a great addition to the franchise. I led the way in enabling fans to view the live airing on the Finish state broadcaster, circumventing restrictions with my now YouTube banned video guide (still found on BitChute).

Here's an open treat for you…

How to Register and Unblock your Phone in Colombia - Homologación de Celulares

You´re in Colombia living or visiting for an extended period of time of over three Months. You've a brand new phone, you've popped in a local network's SIM and it's all happy days until you get a network message stating your device is not registered!

So your fight with the governing telecommunications body, the CRC, begins. You are about to join the many other expats and Colombians that have a device that uses radio frequencies (i.e. mobile/cell phones). You are most likely to be in this ordeal if you've brought a newly released phone into the country yourself of imported through Amazon or other sellers (namely on Mercadolibre.). There's an article of the implementation of the rule here (English translation here). If the device has been officially released in Colombia it is most probable that the company has themselves registered your device with the CRC already. If not you're going to need to submit the approval application yourself. There's no other w…

Traditional German Christmas Music - Inverted Podcast

Traditional German Christmas Music In this age when Europe has become decadent and in need of finding itself again it has never been more important than to rekindle the culture and roots that has made the continient such an advanced part of the world for human achievement.

Whether you understand the language or not, it is chore music that kindles the spirit and welcomes our heart and soul to this truly special time of year.

The tracks included contain some master classics in Christmas culutrel, to mention a pair O Tannenbaum (16:20) and Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling (30:14).

If you feel that this has warmed your Christmas in any way please let me know in the comments below. Enjoy.
Track Playlist00:00 Bald nun ist Weihnachtszeit
01:22 Vorfreude, schönste Freude
03:58 Morgen, Kinder, wirds was geben
05:54 Oh, es riecht gut
08:04 So viel Heimlichkeit
09:19 Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen
10:19 Süßer die Glocken nie klingen
13:03 Laßt uns froh und munter sein
14:59 Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsm…

Typical Colombian Villancicos Christmas Music - Inverted Podcast

Typical Colombian Villancicos Christmas Music This is a mix containing the very best traditional Colombian Christmas music. It is particularly aimed at younger children and elders with fond Christmas memories of the season in Colombia. All tracks are in Spanish but I have compiled a post detailed the Colombian Christmas tradition in English here. Villancico The villancico was a common poetic and musical form of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America popular from the late 15th to 18th centuries. With the decline in popularity of the villancicos in the 20th century, the term became reduced to mean merely "Christmas carol". Important composers of villancicos were Juan del Encina, Pedro de Escobar, Francisco Guerrero, Gaspar Fernandes, and Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla. Alternative Episode Players. More Podcast In Information can be found here.

People of Noncolour - Inverted Podcast

People of Noncolour Today I was threatened with removal by my podcast host Podiant because the owner took issue with a Facebook comment emphasising inclusion and diversity. You can view the post and thread in question below.
It is a good time now to invest in self-hosting my podcast all the links are available on my podcast page.

If you're wondering about the relevance of this topic to the famous image above for this episode I encourage you to take a look at this podcast community in which I raised this issue.

Alternative Episode Players and more Information on the podcast can be found via this link.

Six Track Music Special - Inverted Podcast

Six Track Music SpecialHappy to know that I am not going to talk over this episode.

All artists and tunes have a personal connection to me. Some are budding artists and some are merely creating music that is an extension of themselves. I have chosen to create this mix/compilation as this tunes really well and truly deserve to be heard by all.

All artists are linked to and their tracks have been given chapters in this podcast episode enabling you to listen and replay the tunes you like most. I just ask that you give them all a chance. Please click their links to hear more from them.

"...alright, you're scratchin it right now, cut the record back and forth against the needle, back and forth, back and forth, makin' it scratch, but let me tell you something: don't try this at home with your dad's stereo, **only under hip-hop supervision**, alright?
D-Sew Sew Resides in East London, born in the East End with Indian roots. A young, strong, woman who is living her journ…

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