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Colombian Ruana: A Four Cornered Coat – Abrigo de Cuatro Puntas

The Colombian Ruana is not just a woolly poncho nor Europe's Celtic Ruana! The Ruana is a Colombian cultural icon just as the Sombrero Vueltiao is, from the country's hot lands. People from the cold lands like me get gifted our first Ruana when we are just toddlers, sometimes this version comes with a hood. It is one of the most common presents from a relative, specially grandparents who are always concerned about the little ones getting a cold. It keeps you warm and cosy on a cold rainy day. But Ruanas have more than one use! You could use it as a blanket, if you don't mind the slit in the middle that's there to poke your head through. As well as a piece of modern organic clothing accessory showing unique colours. As picnic blanket or folded to be a cushion. Their use even extends to local festivals where young bulls are teased with the Ruana in place of the Bullfighter's cape (the calf’s live is speared in these events). Or even as a more handy survival elemen

Food Recipe: Lentejas – Easy Lentils

Lentils Colombian style is the easiest dish to cook. If you want to cook to impress some of your Colombian friends this is it! It'll draw a smile on their face or win someones heart. Enjoy your meal! Buen Provecho!

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