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A Journey Beyond the Trail - La Esperanza Rural School, Vergara, Colombia

My mobile’s alarm rings. It wakes me abruptly with the same ringtone I hear each morning back in London. The ringtone that wakes me to rise’n shine for work. I open my eyes and turn it off, lifting my head I realize it’s pitch black and I am in a foreign land. The day is about to break over this beautiful and innocent realm. Still dark, I get dressed, have a bite for breakfast as I rush for the motorbike. I am all set for a trip of a lifetime, for this morning and for the day I will journey with my friend Carlos on a journey up and along a mountain trail to a remote rural Colombian school called La Esperanza (meaning Hope). Carlos just so happens to be this school’s one and only English teacher and lives two hours bike ride away in a town called Villeta in the same department called Cundinamarca . The school is some 120 kilometres journey from Colombia’s capital Bogota  from where I'd arrived earlier Fortunately for me, Villeta is a whole lot closer than Bogotá.

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