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Hitler In Bogota

My long-standing affection to Bogotá and Colombia as a whole, linked with my German connection makes me sad but also intrigued to find this link between socialism's little man and my favourite part of the world. The document immediately below had been scanned from an old reportage on rumours of Hitler's whereabouts, might Hitler be in Bogota, it makes an interesting thesis on what might just have been. I myself am wary of taking such hearsay on board. There is a popular opinion that Hitler and associates may have made to this very continent. In many cases, this actually had been the case. However, the surprising fact of the matter is that there had been less of an influx of fascists to South America but rather those of an equally uglier side of the political spectrum, Marxists and Communists and all shades of leftists. They fled Hitler's Europe for new pastures to seed their indoctrination where they were not the underdogs.

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