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Hitler In Bogota

My long-standing affection to Bogotá and Colombia as a whole, linked with my German connection makes me sad but also intrigued to find this link between socialism's little man and my favourite part of the world. The document immediately below had been scanned from an old reportage on rumours of Hitler's whereabouts, might Hitler be in Bogota, it makes an interesting thesis on what might just have been. I myself am wary of taking such hearsay on board. There is a popular opinion that Hitler and associates may have made to this very continent. In many cases, this actually had been the case. However, the surprising fact of the matter is that there had been less of an influx of fascists to South America but rather those of an equally uglier side of the political spectrum, Marxists and Communists and all shades of leftists. They fled Hitler's Europe for new pastures to seed their indoctrination where they were not the underdogs.
  • The seeds of this alter wave have arguably caused more harm to the innocents of Latin America. Namely (among others) Antonio Navarro Wolff ascended to commandant and leader of the murderous Revolutionary Socialist guerrilla group called M-19, a group that helped engulf Colombia in a murderous period of time, involving and affecting generations. He has links to the United Kingdom's Loughborough University Students Union dating from briefly before 1976.

Supplementary Media - Podcast Episodes

  1. The latest episode on this topic with my appearance on the Colombia Calling show (mp3 37.4MB).
  2. This my original podcast episode covering this topic with some additional speculation.

Sensational Reporting?

Here at first, we have a sensational publication that brings together reports and rumours to form the basis of this thesis that Hitler did actually reside in Colombia.

The article purports to have seen documentation in the State Department (dated July 2, 1948) and to have spoken to informants. Files containing eyewitness accounts of Hitler arriving in Colombia at Bahia Hondita on the Northern tip of Colombia by submarine (arriving on July 19, 1945). Another informant reports how he became an assistant to German agents in advising on the safest place in Colombia for Hitler to take refuge. In his own words, "I recommend my fatherland, Colombia. Its immense uninhabited territories lend themselves to complete seclusion. Furthermore, I owned isolated lands where absolute secrecy could be maintained." It carries on to the fourth page of the below embed document. He also stated that he had collaborators one of which was a high official in the Colombian army, an Antioquian conservation chief, an anti-Communist paper editor, and export heiress from Valle de Cauca.

There is an account of a Dutchman being closely associated with Hitler in Colombia. This could be a link to a person called Philip Citroen who boasted of his regular contact with Hitler in Colombia. More of Philip Citroen comes in the next section below. The eyewitness account by the informant goes on to corroborate the reports in the following section's CIA file stating that Hitler visited different ranchers in the 'Bogotá Savannas' which stretch close to the city of Tunja. Again this forms part of the CIA document in the next section below.

For now, the following Police Gazette article makes for a fascinating read that corroborates the evidence in the next section.

Just Rumour?

Recently I have been made aware of this CIA released document (An older file did not feature a photo on the last page). The point of note lies within point 3 of page 2. It's an astonishing account and if true adds further credibility to the conspiracy theory given above that Hitler lived out his days right here in Latin America.

The gist of this new affirmation is that Hitler was living in the Colombian city of Tunja for some time up to January of 1955 before heading to Argentina. It was in the small town of Tunja where Adolf Hitler is said to have had at least one personal encounter with an ex-SS agent by the name of Phillip Citroen. Another person involved is the CIA operative, code-named CIMELODY-3, a former SS trooper along with the aforementioned Phillip Citroen during Nazi Germany. Philip Citroen who was then of Maracaibo a city on the Venezuelan coast where he had worked for a Danish shipping company and also as a co-owner of the Maracaibo Times with his brother.

It was whilst working with this Dutch company that he travelled to Tunja and was in monthly contact with Hitler. On company business, he is said to have taken this recorded trip to Colombia on which the stated encounter with Hitler is to have actually taken place. This in some way seemingly corroborates the statement in the above Police Gazette article of a Danish man being in close contact with Hitler. The exact location was a place called 'Residencies Coloniales' (now a small shopping arcade called Centro Comercial Gran Ahorrar).

Me at the actual house that Hitler is claimed to have visited.

The CIA document strongly stated that Tunja was a focal point for former Nazis living in this part of Colombia. In fact, the building had been the residence of a family by the name of Zubieta and lastly a son of the same family who was a doctor. Notably, there is a record of a German citizen by the name of Vicente Edes and his wife. They left Germany after the war had ended supposedly to build a new life away from war-torn Germany. It is said that Mrs Edes was a "beautiful and elegant woman who always went through the downtown streets of Tunja with a beret and a long black coat". She later committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of a building located in the southern corner of Carrera 11 and Calle 18 by the former Bank of the Republic. The reason seems to be associated with the tragedies of her husband's wartime trauma.

The Scene of Mrs Edes' Suicide

The town of Tunja saw a number of notable Germans making the town their home as far back as 1872 (and possibly earlier). However, a German born in Friedrichshafen, Germany in 1892 by the name of Julius Sieber is a part of this story also. He was involved in education and founded a school in Tunja. In 1936 he returned to Germany to play a role in Nazi government only then to return to Tunja in 1947. He went so far as to restyle the school's symbol to resemble somewhat of the National Socialist Party's Black Eagle. Never the less he was an active part of the German community in Tunja that seemed to revolve around the above mentioned 'Residencies Coloniales' and at the same time, Hitler was reported to have been present.
Julius Sieber - Tunja, Colombia - Ref Facebook Post

Upon page 3 of the document below, you'll see a man sitting alongside Citroen who went by the name “Adolf Schüttelmeyer” (CIA file correcting his reported name from Schüttelmeyor.).

What are your thoughts on these revelations? Do you believe that there is enough evidence here to accept the common conclusion that Hitler died committing suicide in Berlin? Let us know in the comments section.
  • As a German expat here in Colombia and not very far from Tunja itself. I would be very interested in being contacted or to even meet any person with a connection or story to tell regarding this. History has moved on from what has already been happened and I am very understanding of anyone's current position. Complete secrecy is always the highest concern when making contact and this will be honoured by myself with any contact made.
  • You can send me a secure encrypted message through this link or use any method on my contact page.

Other Coverage

Subsequently, a journalist Richard McColl here in Colombia asked me to his show to discuss this blog post and the news emanating from the CIA document release. The episode featured on the Colombia Calling radio show. My raw recording of that show can be found via this link. You can also listen to the raw recording with some additional commentary from myself on the YouTube video below.

Further Evidence?

This here is an article that explores and gives some credit to the different points of contention that make this whole thesis of Hitler in Colombia possible.

The below-mentioned twitter account of Abel Basti who is the most persevering researcher on this thesis. In this tweet, he is at the suspected address that is thought to have housed Hitler during his time in Bogotá.

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