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The Vice of Colombia's Scopolamine (Devil's Breath) Drug

Above is a picture I took by a rural river in the central Colombian department of Cundinamarca. This plant, one that can be found all throughout populated and rural areas including Colombia's capital, is becoming known for a particular vice. It is being used as a drug to rob, rape and kill people. It has become a legendary story of an infamous drug in itself. I myself have had no experiences of the drug nor have I known anyone personally affected by it. However, Colombian's are great at making thin stories sound real to them. Then again I may have simply fallen victim to its use and just not known about it. I have confidently never been on a 'millionaire's tour of Bogotá', unwittingly clearing my account of cash from various ATMs around the city. Perhaps its use, criminally, is relatively low to even affect the regular visiting gringo.

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