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Walk Among Indigenous Colombian Animals at ZSL London Zoo

After many Years of visiting this wonderful zoo on an almost weekly and sometimes even daily basis, I have found myself linking my interest for Colombia with a connection to dedicating the majority of my visiting time to all Colombia relevant species found at London Zoo. I found myself studying their habits and learning more about the specific species and conservation stories in their Colombian homelands. I have even visited Bogotá's Zoo of which I've written a review over at TripAdvisor . Over the course of the recent two years, I've found myself becoming really very attached to the majority of animals mentioned here. I've compiled this article to give anyone in and around London, including those willing to travel to London, as great an experience of as much Colombian origin species found at London Zoo as possible. Perhaps those planning a trip to Colombia or returned from Colombia. There may be Colombians raised in the United Kingdom finding themselves out of touch

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