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The Pioneer Adventurers of Colombia - National Geographic Article Archive

Colombia is really becoming a great passion of mine. My thirst for Colombia related material and knowledge is leading me to new extremes. Current affairs, recent documentaries and the blog circuit all seem to have merged into one common post all agreeing that Colombia is a new and fresh country. Take a step back and you'll realise Colombia is not wholly about the peace processes, cocaine and how to discover the undiscovered for the hundredth time. Colombia is something much richer and deeper than that. I won't attempt to define it here right now in this mere blog post. I'll let you read it for yourself through this collection of amazing National Geographic features covering the most intriguing interactions with the very founding fabric of Colombia itself. An age of travellers reporting on Colombia like no other. The first and last time you'll see it on video can be seen here at my previous blog post . Fur Sale outside Hotel Grenada Bogota

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