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The Pioneer Adventurers of Colombia - National Geographic Article Archive

Colombia is really becoming a great passion of mine. My thirst for Colombia related material and knowledge is leading me to new extremes. Current affairs, recent documentaries and the blog circuit all seem to have merged into one common post all agreeing that Colombia is a new and fresh country. Take a step back and you'll realise Colombia is not wholly about the peace processes, cocaine and how to discover the undiscovered for the hundredth time. Colombia is something much richer and deeper than that. I won't attempt to define it here right now in this mere blog post. I'll let you read it for yourself through this collection of amazing National Geographic features covering the most intriguing interactions with the very founding fabric of Colombia itself. An age of travellers reporting on Colombia like no other. The first and last time you'll see it on video can be seen here at my previous blog post.

Fur Sale outside Hotel Grenada Bogota

I really hope you enjoy this collection of reports obtained from the National Geographic archives. All articles below are downloadable as PDF files for your own reading pleasure and can even be loaded onto your E-Reading devices. I would be very interested to read your impressions from these articles in the comments section below.

Notes on Panama and Colombia

Dec 1903

The Republic of Panama and its more populous neighbour, Colombia, share a Spanish cultural influence and have several products in common, such as coffee and rubber.

Latin America and Colombia

Dec 1906

North Americans are encouraged to increase their awareness of Latin American issues by becoming acquainted with the history and language of their southerly neighbours.

Over the Andes to Bogotá

Oct 1921

Colombia is a South American jewel that can be enjoyed with no more hardship than any other travel off the beaten track.

Round About Bogotá: A Hunt for New Fruits and Plants Among the Mountain Forests of Colombia's Unique Capital

Feb 1926

While enjoying the cultured atmosphere of the city, an agricultural explorer finds blackberries the size of a spoon's bowl and unusual root crops such as the parsnip-like arracacha.

Stone Idols of the Andes Reveal a Vanished People: Remarkable Relics of One of the Oldest Aboriginal Cultures of America are Unearthed in Colombia's San Agustin Region

May 1940

An archaeologist discovers temples, tombs, and 142 statues carved by aborigines who lived high in the Andes mountains of Colombia from 250 B.C. to A.D. 1000.

Hail Colombia!

Oct 1940

Three Andes ranges run through tropical, mountainous Colombia, which seized its independence from Spain in 1810.

Cruising Colombia's "Ol' Man River"

May 1947

The Magdalena River is the main highway through the highlands of Colombia from the Caribbean to Bogotá. Life in the cities and villages along its banks, reveals much about this remote country.

Keeping House for a Biologist in Colombia

Aug 1948

As the wife of a Rockefeller Foundation scientist, Nancy B.F. Bates has travelled all over the world assisting her husband, Dr Marston Bates, in his research into yellow fever and malaria. She describes their life in the city of Villavicencio, Colombia.

Jungle Jaunt on Amazon Headwaters: Foaming Rivers Led a Lone White Woman to Remote Clearings Where Primitive Indians Peered at Her in Wonder

Sep 1952

The author and her Indian guides travelled through the remote jungle of Colombia and Brazil. She was the first white woman many of the natives had ever seen.

Capturing Strange Creatures in Colombia

May 1966

Indians in the Andes help the author collect rare species of frogs, giant earthworms, monkeys, and coatimundis for their medical usefulness.

Colombia, from Amazon to Spanish Main

Aug 1970

The economy of South America's fourth largest nation encompasses modern textile mills, coffee plantations, traditional salt harvests, and the construction of a trans - Andean oil pipeline.

Eruption in Colombia

May 1986

Volcanic heat melts glacial ice, releasing a mudflow that engulfs the town of Armero. Bart McDowell and photographer Steve Raymer survey the disaster scene.

Cocaine Country

Jul 2004

Cocaine Country An illegal cash crop sustains local farmers and a 40 - year - old guerrilla movement in southern Colombia.

Keepers of the World

Oct 2004

Indians of the Sierra Nevada If they protect their sacred mountain home, the Indians of northern Colombia believe they will keep the entire planet in balance. It's getting more and more difficult.

Medellin: Stories From an Urban War

Mar 2005

Medellin's Mean Streets Violence, drugs, and poverty made for a deadly mix in Colombia's notorious murder capital. Is there hope for a lasting turnaround?

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