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Hot Stepping further through Colombian Animal Species in London

Just a little post to follow on through from the success of my earlier post of Walk Among Indigenous Colombian Animals at ZSL London Zoo. Since this post, I've found a few more great places to get your eyes on some truly decent Colombian origin species here in London itself. I'll list them here below. If you know of any more places to see Colombian species (of the Animal Kingdom type) please let me know in the comments or by contacting me.

Battersea Park Children's Zoo

Sweet little zoo in inner London. It's pretty accessible, Google Maps will find you directions to it via public transport on rail or bus easy enough. The zoo is nicely compact and has a great selection of species, namely a few from Colombia. The very best advice here is to look for feeding times when you arrive, arrive early and bring some children with you. It is a Children's zoo after all. Ring-tailed Coati just like their London Zoo counterparts are very lively and difficult to photo.  Brown Capuchin Monkeys (cebus apella) have a massive enclosure consisting of a number of buildings. It's nice just to spend a little time here and observe them as they do get up to some tricks. Cotten Top Tamarin, what's nice here is that you can get closer to them unlike in London Zoo where they are behind glass most of the time. This place makes a great alternative to London zoo in nice bite size.

The Aquatic Design Centre

A beautiful little gem right in central London. It is a shop but I'm sure as long as you don't interfere you're welcome to just look around. It is magical and offers so much to see.The store is very easy to reach on London's Great Portland Street.  There are plenty of Latin American species to be found here. I'm not going to list them as they are likely to change often as this is a shop after all that sells pretty much what is in stock. I will however highly recommend that you use this opportunity to check out their poison frog collection.

Kew Gardens

One of my favourites here in London. It's all centred around The Princess of Wales Conservatory within Kew Gardens. This place is worthy of a post in itself regarding it's Colombia relevant plants, one post that I am already working on. Having said that, this post is regarding Colombian animals and surprised I was to find a few decent ones here too in such beautifully appropriate surrounding. You'll find the famous Poison Dart Frog here, by it you'll also find a tank of Piranha Fish and then roam the main conservatory (and sometimes hard to find) an Iguana too. Whilst you're here be sure to take in the multitude of Colombian origin plants too.

Crystal Palace Park Farm

Great little farm with an amazing reptile enclosure. You'll find a good host of Colombian relevant reptiles here. All credit to the keepers. Very good for children too with many enclosures at waist hight. From Colombian Iguanas, Snakes, Spiders and even a relevant Latin American Lama. This place is enjoyable for any Colombian animal enthusiasts.

If you haven't already, please take a look at my main Walk Among Indigenous Colombian Animals at ZSL London Zoo article. Please, if you have any information to share please do leave a comment below.

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