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Putting the Cocaine back into Coca-Cola

Yep, that's right. I put the Cocaine back into a Cola and drank it. Doing it in the best way I thought possible. Taking raw coca leaves, brewing them and then adding them to a plain old glass of Coca-Cola.

As anyone who knows me knows, I have links to Colombia. Returning to London from one of my many Colombian trips and bringing a nice box of Coca Nasa (EAN: 7707268174834). The return with this on me is a blog post on its own. It wasn't plain sailing, to say the least. Anyways, it's a 100% natural Coca tea. Containing nothing other than simply dried and chopped coca leaves in tea bags. Each bag provides about 4.2mg of organic coca alkaloid (cocaine). I like drinking this tea as I would normally drink green tea. I'm a real big tea fan by the way. I'm also a real big Coca-Cola fan and seeing as I was down to my last Coca tea bag, I thought why not combine the two and make a video about it.

Now, I'm sure you've heard about Coca-Cola originally containing cocaine. Well, the company has denied it ever being present. But there seems to be enough evidence to substantiate that coca leaf extract was present in the original formula. It's said that a glass of Coca-Cola held 9mg of cocaine.

I have the Cola and I have the Coca so I decided to put them together and make the real thing. I was surprised by how complementary the Coca tea is with the carbonated sweet drink. It actually seems as though the two go hand in hand. I started by brewing a simple cup of Coca tea for about an hour. For a tea, I would brew it no longer than ten minutes but I wanted to extract as many of its properties as possible. I then poured the coca tea into an ice making tray and leaving some behind in the cup to add neat to the cola.  I froze the cubes and then proceeded to make a nice glass of cola with them, topping them off with the coca tea I had left over in the cup. Watch the following video for how it all went down.

I felt no serious after effect other than feeling noticeably sprightful for about 45mins. Please let me know if you've made the concoction yourself. I would be most grateful for any tips. I am sure this will not be my last glass of the real thing.

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