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Centra Spike the Hunt for Pablo Escobar in London

Centra Spike came to London!? So, I live in central London and happen to have a little more than a passing interest in aircraft too. I like to spend my time in a few of the small parks around Islington, especially during the beautiful sunny days. Strangely over the summer back in 2014 and sporadically in the Years following, I notice a light aircraft above. The aircraft came and went but would always circle relatively low to the ground compared to regular air traffic in the area. I noticed it because it became a nuisance after a while. Lying back down on the grass staring through the clouds from Thornhill Square, I see the light aircraft circling. My mind immediately jumps to what I know of Pablo Escobar and how the US assisted the Colombian government in tracking him down. Here's a video  I made of the very same plane later that very day. Below is another video from a news report tipped off by another aviation enthusiast who lived under the plane's flight path. This person al

Visiting the Laguna de Guatavita the Legend of Eldorado

First of all. The photos that you will have seen on of the Laguna de Guatavita on the internet do not do it justice at all. I thought it looked a bit small and mundane beforehand. In actual fact, seeing this place with your own eyes is almost breathtaking. The sheer scale, depth and view over it with the added historical aspect and importance to the old Muisca people really make this one of the most enchanting places you can visit in Colombia.

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