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Trumpin - Inverted Podcast

Trumpin Join me as we watch the 2017 Inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington. Live commentary and insight into the events of this momentous occasion. More Info on Podcast via this link .

Visiting the Base Naval ARC Bolivar of Colombia

Captain in command of this serving #Colombian #submarine. Was a pleasure to board the #ARCTayrona here at the off limits #BaseNavalARCBolivar in #Cartagena, #Colombia. See my website for a report of the visit. A post shared by Stuart Oswald (@stuartoswald) on Jan 16, 2017 at 11:34am PST My exclusive visit to Colombia's Naval Base called locally as the "Base Naval ARC Bolivar" was a very special occasion for myself. Particularly as I am a huge fan of British naval history it was interesting to compare Britain's sea-might to that of another great country. With links with Britain such as Spain being our common enemy and at other links to British pirates and Buccaneers. Before you ask this visit is not available to the public and I was lucky to have met someone who invited me to the base for a personal tour. It was a huge privilege to witness and be present on a functional active base. I am glad to have taken the following photos and to be able to describe

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