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The Original Hansel and Gretel Story

Welcome to my world of a time honoured mystery and fright of a tale. At some point in your life, you must have been told or at least heard of Hansel and Gretel's nightmarish ordeal in the great forest.

I myself am a native British and German fluent in both languages. This folktale has come to me orally through my family back in my early life from Europe's Great Forest (the Bohemian forest itself). Furthermore, this tale would have most certainly stemmed from before the Brother's Grimm first released it in the 1800s. The focus of this translation true to my received version of this story is to retell and keep alive this important Germanic cultural tale at a time when preserving German culture is more important now than ever before. It should help in telling this story mainly to non-German speaking people.

I remember being told this story by my mother and grandmother who come themselves from that Great Forest. The story was a quite a scary story but it is one that to this d…

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