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The Leaked ARTE Film that The Establishment Media Tried to Censor

The recent film by name of Chosen and Excluded – The Hate on Jews in Europe or natively named Auserwählt und Ausgegrenzt – Der Hass auf Juden in Europa by Joachim Schroeder.

It brings to bear antisemitism in the West. The film was commissioned by a channel called ARTE but later refused to air the resulting documentary film as it proves uncomfortable viewing to those with an alter-motive established by the government and mainstream media across Europe but particularly in current Germany.

Vlogging The Stuart Oswald World

So along with my podcast, I am now taking time out to upload some regular Colombia Vlogs. It's not something I specifically set out to do. But I always have my camera or at least my mobile phone with me so I thought why not show anyone interested what I am seeing and experiencing here in my Colombia Vlogs. This is my channel and would love you to subscribe and comment on any videos that you find interesting. Below is just my channel intro video. I have many other videos too.

I have had my channel for a long time and it wasn't set up to host my Colombia vlogs. It was actually a place for me to share my Japan travel clips for a series of blog posts I wrote on this site. Since then it lay dormant until I found myself experiencing many new things after moving here to Colombia. Despite there being a few other English speaking vloggers here in Colombia, namely Zach, Miguel, and Sam. Although they are great YouTubers, I found that they were not …

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