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Walking the Abandoned Railway of Colombia. Villeta - Alban

The Abandoned Railway of Colombia has been the source of unrelenting curiosity since my arrival in Colombia. Even during previous visits spanning over a decade, I have always wondered where the train tracks that I had been seeing dotted all across this Andean landscape led to. Leaving Villeta for the long track ahead. It turns out that this story and the scenery it passed were even more mysterious than I had first thought. The tracks and it some parts have diapered. Telltale signs of the path once forged can in some cases be spotted by the monumental affliction inflicted upon the natural landscape. How did this network of a romantic path come to be intertwined within the Andes mountains? How could this feat of beautiful and seemingly delicate engineering withstand the monumental upheaval that this country would see in the fight for Independence and the subsequent fight to keep the country and it's people free? Only a few of these answers could be enlightened by actually walk

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