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Top Expat Hacks to Survive Colombia

I'm gonna try to keep these Expat Hacks short and sweet. You might be an expat, perhaps even a wannabe expat, I don't know. What I am gonna tell ya here is that there's an easy way to get by in this new land with different people, and a hard way. I could blow smoke up your arse and explain about the '5 best ways to eat avocado in Colombia'. Or 'how to dance Salsa like a Caleño in 5 days'. 'How not to be a gringo in 5 steps', or any of the many '5 different ways to do 5 hundred different things'. But let's keep these Expat Hacks here short and sweet. These are my top Expat Hacks on surviving Colombia with your wellbeing and peace of mind fully intact. Don't scoff at them. If you're full of yourself and think you know better, let me know in the comments section and I might just include them in the list here too.

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