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Importing Your Car and Household Goods Into Colombia

Is an adventure in Colombia calling your name? Perhaps you are enthralled by the warm people, rich culture or beautiful scenery that the country offers. Or, maybe you are drawn by the prospect of a lower cost of living and the flourishing expat community. Whatever your individual reasons for considering a move to Colombia, you likely have a long list of questions. Chief among these are likely the taxes, duties, forms and customs process you’ll encounter, when importing a car and household goods into Colombia. View to Las Nieves, Bogotá Importing Household Goods: Taxes and Duties. An Exact Figure Can Be Elusive. When it comes to an exact percentage of import tax and duties you can expect to pay for your household items - unfortunately, this information can be difficult to pin down. Some expats report paying different rates when importing shipments at different times, and say that a final figure is impossible to obtain beforehand (1). Some of this variation is due to the customs

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