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Six Track Music Special - Inverted Podcast

Six Track Music Special

Happy to know that I am not going to talk over this episode.

All artists and tunes have a personal connection to me. Some are budding artists and some are merely creating music that is an extension of themselves. I have chosen to create this mix/compilation as this tunes really well and truly deserve to be heard by all.

All artists are linked to and their tracks have been given chapters in this podcast episode enabling you to listen and replay the tunes you like most. I just ask that you give them all a chance. Please click their links to hear more from them.

"...alright, you're scratchin it right now, cut the record back and forth against the needle, back and forth, back and forth, makin' it scratch, but let me tell you something: don't try this at home with your dad's stereo, **only under hip-hop supervision**, alright?


Sew Resides in East London, born in the East End with Indian roots. A young, strong, woman who is living her journey called life. Music is what I do. Work is just an investment. The people you meet in life treat them with love. Knowledge, life skills and interactions are valuable. There's more to life than the box, the social media, the mainstream industry. Find you, love you, do you

DJ Dash

London based artist with a strong electro influence and a fresh take on influential sounds.

Miguel Conejeros (Fiat 600)

F600 (Miguel Conejeros, Chile-Spain)
This is the most profound musical proposal of a musician in constant evolution and searches for new musical directions. Since “The Pinochet Boys” back in the 80´s, where Miguel Conejeros started his unique approach to groove making as the brain of this legendary art-punk band and throughout his oblique jungle and drum n’ bass excursion in the nineties, this national treasure always knows how to deliver the unexpected and leave a sweet aftertaste.

Nowadays F600 live performances include clubs worldwide and also contemporary art field presentations with sound installations. His participation in various music festivals such as Sonar, Mutek, Periferias, LEM, Algorythm and Versus Electronics among others make of F600 a very active producer and DJ, actually working with Nice Cat Records, Panal Records, Clang label, Occultists Label, Patagonia, and collaborations with Epasonidos and Pueblo Nuevo Netlabels.

Igor K

Underground Hip Hop artist in continuous motion between Germany's great cities.


A stateside hip hop artist that is taking fresh inspiration from the divine power.
If you'd like your tunes featured in a future special episode please contact me.

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