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Typical Colombian Villancicos Christmas Music - Inverted Podcast

Typical Colombian Villancicos Christmas Music This is a mix containing the very best traditional Colombian Christmas music. It is particularly aimed at younger children and elders with fond Christmas memories of the season in Colombia. All tracks are in Spanish but I have compiled a post detailed the Colombian Christmas tradition in English here . Villancico The villancico was a common poetic and musical form of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America popular from the late 15th to 18th centuries. With the decline in popularity of the villancicos in the 20th century, the term became reduced to mean merely "Christmas carol". Important composers of villancicos were Juan del Encina, Pedro de Escobar, Francisco Guerrero, Gaspar Fernandes, and Juan GutiĆ©rrez de Padilla. More Podcast In Information can be found here .

People of Noncolour - Inverted Podcast

People of Noncolour Today I was threatened with removal by my podcast host Podiant because the owner took issue with a Facebook comment emphasising inclusion and diversity. You can view the post and thread in question below. It is a good time now to invest in self-hosting my podcast all the links are available on my podcast page . If you're wondering about the relevance of this topic to the famous image above for this episode I encourage you to take a look at  this podcast community  in which I raised this issue. More Information on the podcast can be found via this link .

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