Break Free, how to Deprogram your Mind

I believe all can be saved. Over generations we have seen a sinister cloud come over global civilisations. We now have huge swaths of our populations embroiled in a mass of propaganda that is being dished out to them en mass, turning them into bots, detached and void for sentiments that make them human. I will attempt to offer anyone visiting this page the opportunity to break free by utilising the power of new age technology and networking.

If this Kek image gets your back up then you are ready for the deprogramming here.

I am going to present you with a series of sources to high quality information and opinion. They will vary in degrees of detail and opinions. Not all am totally on side with but they are necessary to rebalance your mindset. Some sources may become censored or otherwise unavailable. It is really welcomed that you share your links to such platforms in the comments section. I will update this post whenever enough changes are needed so it really is invaluable to leave a comment for others to see.

UK Sources

With regards to Brexit, the aftermath and UK news, I present to you first the following podcasts:
  • Spiked serious debate and reaction to UK current affairs.
  • UK Column critical beacon of free press and an absolute must for free minds.
  • The Brendan O'Neill Show great talks and discussion on important issues.
  • Sargon the audio podcast of his YouTube channel to follow.
  • For my own personal selection of podcasts featuring the above and more check here.
Now I present to you a number of very influential YouTube account:

US Sources

There is a wealth of sources here that are of US focus. However considering that the US is already undergoing huge political and social change that is now starting to become an imposing force on much of Europe, this selection should prove highly interesting to Brits. Let's start with the YouTube channel selection:
  • Timcast for regular news and opinion of the liberal left persuasion, Tim Pool being Tim's other channel.
  • Jordan B Peterson for extreme thought provokingness.
  • Steven Crowder covering topical and logical debate.
  • Slightly Offensive getting in on the protest scene.
  • Black Pigeon Speaks for a global opinion.
  • PragerU is a good first point to get information on a current topic.
  • Stefan Molyneux for some deep and counter cultural thoughts.
  • Project Veritas for MSM, big tech and structures of power investigations.
  • Not a YouTube channel and having to mask this URL to prevent this post from disappearing, the most censored news source in the world, the AJ Show.
  • Laura Loomer another who has been completely unpersoned even from Uber for simple journalism. Important free press email newsletter.
And now for the podcast offering from the US:
  • First being the Timcast audio podcast of his mentioned YouTube channel above,
  • Then the most censored information source, the AJ Show as a podcast.

Going Underground

Given that many of the above sources will be censored I will be updating this section over time with BitChute, Gab and Telegram links. Please come back to see how this page changes.
  • Tommy Robinson, like or louth him he is being silenced by government and big tech which means you should at least fight this suppression of information to you by seeing what he has to say.
  • Milo the gay jew that the authoritarians absolutely hate. The first main public speaker to be completely unpersoned.
  • Nick Monroe another highly uncensored individual. Again if the powers that be don't want you to hear what they have to say, you, for your own rights, need to give them to opportunity.
  • Lauren Southern although retired her amazing work is still here an uncensored.
  • Tommy Robinson, again it's important to find ways to witness content that authorities are actively suppressing.


An openly accessible drive link containing a number mind liberating literature. Please contact me to recommend any good reads that I should share here.

Now that you have been presented with a whole spectrum of news, information and opinion sources it is imperative that your switch off from the mainstream media, cancelling any paid access that you have to them. For us Brits it is critical that you cancel your TV license fee immediately. If you've made it this far please subscribe to my own channels where I promote free speech.

Please leave your own favourite sources in the comments section or by contacting me directly.


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