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Break Free, How-To Deprogram your Mind - Best News Sources

I believe all can be saved. Over generations we have seen a sinister cloud come over global civilisations. We now have huge swaths of our populations embroiled in a mass of propaganda that is being dished out to them en mass, turning them into bots, detached and void for sentiments that make them human. I will attempt to offer anyone visiting this page the opportunity to break free by utilising the power of new age technology and networking.

The Great Information Sources

Below will be listed in no particular order. There will be a flag beside with country that I think the source is more relevant towards, below each point I will list links to the platforms at which you can access the relevant content.

Spiked serious debate and reaction to UK and international current affairs. I like this as a neat and tidy quick catch up to headlines you might have seen in the MSM.

Steve Bannon's War Room is at the forefront of the US politics and fight against the Chinese Communist Party. Banned from multiple bit-tech sites Bannon is by far the most informed and strategy channel of the latest information. cutting edge and breaking news alerts without the commentary. A real must if you want to stay informed upto the second. Enable notifications for real effectiveness.

UK Column critical beacon of free press and an absolute must for free minds.

The Brendan O'Neill Show great talks and discussion on important issues.

The Lotus Eaters is a new initiative by Carl Benjamin, otherwise known as Sargon. He has two other YouTube channels that are now shadowbanned, the Thinkery and Sargon of Akkad.

Alex Jones is a living legend of our time. There is a lot he is mocked for but he has been vindicated on so much more. Going for generations he is the most censored on this list and by far in the world. You owe it to yourself to at least give Alex Jones and go from time to time.

Tim Pool is a lefty that deserves a place in this list of key information sources as it will help to counter your perceptions. Tim talks at length as to why he thinks the way he does and is well worth a consideration.

Paul Joseph Watson being a great overarching commenter on UK and international events.

Steven Crowder is a funny Canadian commentator on US politics.

Felix Rex offers regular and well produced videos and other thought provoking content. The theme generally tackles current stresses on modern society.

Mahyar Tousi gives great regular and conservative opinions and news summaries on current affairs.

Jordan B Peterson is a giant in thinking on issues that are at the cusp of what is causing so much strife in our societies. A must watch for those seeking to answer questions of their own predicaments.

For the older folk Demirep, or otherwise known as Granniopteryx, is excellent for some wise words.

Anne Marie Waters for free thinking ladies, she's one of the most censored political figures in the UK.

Tommy Robinson is the most despised figure in British society by the state, leftists and islamic fundamentals. With big-tech accounts reaching millions of followers he's been time and time again censored off of their platforms.
Couple the above with Lucy Brown for real eye opening. Lucy is behind the excellent SCUM website which provides a refreshing take on art in the modern world.

Stuart Oswald your resident agitator, the artful dodger, the person typing this now. Yep, it's me the author this list.

Stefan Molyneux for some deep and counter cultural thoughts. Highly censored on big-tech and likewise highly misunderstood.

Way of the World is a heavy channel dealing in hard and controversial subject matters that will challenge your mind.

Milo Yiannopoulos the gay Jew that the authoritarians absolutely hate. The first main public speaker to be completely unpersoned.

Lauren Southern although retired, her amazing work is still here and uncensored.

Colombian Connection

Seeing as I am currently based in Colombia, the last right-wing stronghold of Latin America - not without it's left wing risks - it is fitting that I also throw in a few accounts to follow from this hemisphere.

Maria Olano posts mainly in Spanish - is a very intriguing account from a Colombian Britain perspective. Definitely one to follow if you have any connection to Colombia and want to delve deeper than the 1-2 minutes offered by the country's MSM.

Alberto Bernal majority Spanish, he's an economist and brings an intriguing counter view to many of the going news stories.

O. Bula-Escobar's Spanish but also posts in English, very concise opinions and observations being tweeted here and one that I recommend a follow for. Authoritative on current mood in Colombia.

Now that you have been presented with a whole spectrum of news, information and opinion sources it is imperative that you switch off from the mainstream media, cancelling any paid access that you have to them. For us Brits it is critical that you cancel your TV license immediately and for everyone else learn how to torrent your favourite media. Do not give them your money. See my video guide on how to get any media for free, and it's easy. If you've made it this far please subscribe to my own channels where I promote free speech.

Please leave your own favourite sources in the comments section or by contacting me directly.

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