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What to Watch - Lockdown Viewing - The Best of what I've been watching during the pandemic

Sitting here, feeling chuffed with myself, I have put together this short post of what I've been consuming during these dark days of confinement. I hope this might of use to some other lonesome souls and plan to finish it off with a nice trick on how to watch along easily and for free. There's still time for you to enjoy the lockdown. I'm going to list them below in no particular order. Remember to reach the end where I'll explain how to watch along for free too. Breeders Breeders ( Netflix ), is any awesomely interesting and at times dark watch. Centered around two relatively typical parents from our, now, less than child friendly society. Breeders bills itself as an ‘honest and uncompromising comedy’ about parenting. To this end, the opening scene featured Martin Freeman as Paul trying to do some work while his two children under seven made a bit of noise a couple of rooms away. Having given himself a little pep talk about not screaming at them, Paul

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