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What to Watch - Lockdown Viewing - The Best of what I've been watching during the pandemic

Sitting here, feeling chuffed with myself, I have put together this short post of what I've been consuming during these dark days of confinement. I hope this might of use to some other lonesome souls and plan to finish it off with a nice trick on how to watch along easily and for free.
There's still time for you to enjoy the lockdown.
I'm going to list them below in no particular order. Remember to reach the end where I'll explain how to watch along for free too.


Breeders (Netflix), is any awesomely interesting and at times dark watch. Centred around two relatively typical parents from our, now, less than child friendly society. Breeders bills itself as an ‘honest and uncompromising comedy’ about parenting. To this end, the opening scene featured Martin Freeman as Paul trying to do some work while his two children under seven made a bit of noise a couple of rooms away. Having given himself a little pep talk about not screaming at them, Paul then screamed at them — bursting in on their blameless fun to yell: ‘Jesus fucking Christ! How many times do I have to tell you to be quiet?’ He further informed them that he was going to leave home and they should ‘tell mummy that daddy’s gone cos he couldn’t stand the fucking noise anymore. And when you’ve told her, you can watch her cry and you can cry some more, and you’ll all be fucking crying.’. [Scroll to the end to see how you can watch all these recommendations now for free.]

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Netflix)  is perhaps the most pressing of this programs to watch ASAP. You don't need to know very much about formula 1 and it is not drenched in Lewis Hamilton adoration either (something we are keen to avoid with his recent BLM arse licking). ‘Netflix’s Drive to Survive is, it can be said, better than actual Formula 1,’ as argues Wired magazine. What Drive to Survive makes you realise is that the real drama isn’t with the big names at the top, but with the smaller, hungrier, more desperate teams like Haas, and the up-and-coming drivers such as Australian Daniel Ricciardo who know that if they’re not the next Hamilton, then they’ll probably go the way of Pierre Gasly. All the F1 doubters I know who’ve seen it have ended up totally hooked. You will be too, guaranteed. [here's my own 'how-to video' on watching formula 1 races for free]

I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You (BBC) is a thrilling drama that offers a telling and realistic look into the relevant lives of many Londoners. It is gritty, dark and makes light of some very deep issues. Acting is superb and features locations that are familiar to the city's citizens. [if you're outside the UK and want unrestricted access to BBC iPlayer, see this guide.]


Gogglebox or rather Celebrity Gogglebox UK (Channel 4) is a fitting one to end this list with. For those strange to the concept its a regular series that shows highlights of other recent programs across the channels and features their viewer reactions to the programs. It's a great way to open up to new interesting programs to watch. Although their reactions are fairly mainstream and PC, they do come out with some funny thoughts on programs of the week. [Read my easy guide on how to watch the UK's Channel 4 programing and any other UK channel online.]

This is how you can watch any and all of these shows now, for free and with no hassle!

Watch this video and/or see the steps below to easily watch any of the series mentioned above (or anything else for that matter). Totally free, and with no adds, pop ups, doggy registrations or fails...

Easy steps:

  1. Use this website Seedr to get your cloud storage. Use your facebook login to get in quickly.
  2. Visit The Pirate Bay website or EZTV and search for the series or film. (If these sites are blocked use these alternative lists The Pirate Bay and EZTV)
  3. When you see the content that you want, right click on the magnet link and copy the link address. Then past this magnet link init the box at the top of your Seedr page from step 1.
Do you have any neat shows? Please let us all know in the comments.

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