As a British/German expat finding myself in Colombia again after ten Years of venturing around the world, I think a podcast would be a great way for you to discover the sounds and general life in Colombia elsewhere with me.

As an avid podcast listener, I take inspiration from my favourite podcasts. You can see some of my recommended favourite shows over at my PlayerFM Public Feed. All of these podcasts offer excellent varied content of which I hope some will rub off onto my own podcast here.

You may have heard some of my pre-podcast era recordings. I have a particular interest in soundscapes. With each release, I will make an effort to capture and bring to you the interesting sounds that I find around me. Whilst I have basic recording equipment (a Sony XZ2 Compact smartphone), I will be recording in stereo at a high bit rate with high sensitivity gain all conducted with an app called Audio Recorder. Compared to the present recordings, I have a plan to release sporadic thought pieces on a wide range of random topics.

My Inverted Podcast is easily accessible by a number of popular avenues. Via these direct links, iTunes and RSS are ready for you. More information and show notes are provided in the episode descriptions.

Latest Episode

Please, could you help me in sharing this podcast as far and wide as possible? There are easy share links at the foot of this post. Of course, contact me and let me know what you think what you'd like to request that I include.

While we're here you can follow this link to see a handed pick selection of my own favourite podcasts.

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