I would very much like to offer more to everyone. Thank you to all that have already made a donation, the funds always going into the content I produce and go towards direct costs such as domain names and equipment solely for this cause.

Direct Support

Below are a number of methods via with you get help me directly. All methods are capable of receiving funds in multiple currencies with no added fees.

Indirect Support

In some ways using your indirect spending power can actually help me out more. Please consider the below affiliate links to services I actually use myself.

Other Monetary Support

The following are some very neat ways to help further my efforts in various was that won't really cost you but will make a big impact. Please contact me to arrange the following.
  • Minds Tokens, visit my Minds profile and click the dollar icon, select the amount, if you can make it monthly, and click send.
  • PKOIN, visit your wallet page and send to my Pocketnet address PHPu6Tv7oerPR3AuBf6kMDgrybCywxDVGN.
  • BAT, on this website using the Brave browser (where you are reading this now), click the BAT logo to the right hand side of your address bar (it's up there now), select how BAT and confirm. Monthly contributions would be the greatest help and cost you nothing.

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